Fluffy white scoop scabiosa flowers and buds in great profusion, with green leaves. Grown in a high tunnel.
Common Name Scabiosa
Hybrid of S. atropurpurea and S. caucasica
Life Cycle 
Tender perennial, usually treated as annual.
Tray Size  50
Plug Care
Transplant within 2 weeks of arrival or bump up into a larger cell until you can transplant.
Netting / Staking
1 layer of support netting.
Temperature Range 32 to 80F
2 rows per bed, 6" between plants. These get very large.
Soil Preference
Well drained soil of medium fertility.
Day Length
Facultative long day.
Yes. Plugs will likely be pinched on arrival. If not, pinch out the tip once growth resumes after transplant.
When to Plant
Fall or spring, when soil is cool (below 55F). They prefer cool frost free conditions.
These are extremely productive, easily producing 20-30 stems per plant. Harvest when 1/3 of the florets are open, or when the first ring of florets has opened around the outside of the flower.
Post Harvest Care
A holding solution will increase vase life.
Diseases / Insects
No major issues in most settings.
Bailey's Notes
Scoop Scabiosa have revolutionized the use of Scabiosa in the cut flower world. They are larger and longer lasting than their predecessors. The main complaint is that they are TOO productive. Keep spent flowers cut off to encourage more bloom production. In hot summer locations, the plants may stop production for a couple months and then regrow as autumn temperatures settle in. Cut back the plant to a few inches and allow to regrow.
Resources Danziger Scabiosa Growing Guidelines & Updates (downloads as .pdf)

*In-depth Growing Guide coming soon*