On April 1, 2024, Farmer Bailey Hale hosted Scott and Jennifer Joray (Eastern River Farm, Maine) and Lennie Larkin (B-Side Farm, Oregon) for a live panel talk on how to simplify, streamline, and succeed selling wedding flowers.  

Bailey, Lennie, Jennifer and Scott are veteran farmer-florists who share their decades of hard-earned insight into growing, marketing, and delivering wedding flowers in this 120-minute webinar. 

Whether you are new to wedding work or have years of experience, their expert advice will help you optimize your profitability and sanity during the busy season, while avoiding costly or heartbreaking errors.

Watch the recording to learn how to build and execute a time-saving à la carte wedding menu, track your expenses, price your stems, and pack and deliver perfect full-service arrangements. This wide-ranging, honest discussion touches on everything from the best foliage for an arbor to using inclusive language in your written materials. 

"We're doing this because we want to help other farmers make this profitable and not as stressful," says Jennifer. "That's probably the biggest piece. We will still get stressed out a little bit during the season, but it's nothing like it used to be because we have such good systems in place."

If you have a question that was not answered by the video and linked Resources, drop a note to the team at info@farmerbailey.com! We welcome your questions and ideas for future educational webinars. We look forward to connecting with you! 

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Timestamp  Chapter Resources
00:00:00 Welcome farmerbailey.com
00:00:20 Introduction by Thomas McCurdy
00:00:42 Questions? Email us! info@farmerbailey.com
00:00:55 Jennifer and Scott Joray, farmer-florists and owners of Eastern River Farm, Maine Eastern River Farm
00:01:25 Lennie Larkin, farmer-florist and owner of B-Side Farm, Oregon;  author of Flower Farming for Profit

B-Side Farm

Flower Farming for Profit

00:02:02 Bailey Hale introduction & background
00:03:00 Why Bailey Doesn't Do Weddings
00:05:32 Agenda
00:06:57 Eastern River Farm background
00:08:10 A La Carte Wedding definition
00:09:03 Set color palettes
00:09:53 Standardized glassware
00:10:46 Client benefits of a la carte
00:11:32 Finding your ideal client A La Carte Weddings: A Look at Three Key Stressors by Scott and Jennifer Joray
00:12:26 Customer communication
00:14:16 Communicating the benefits of local, seasonal flowers
00:17:31 Not every customer is right for you
00:18:11 Great photos are a must
00:19:40 Creating your a la carte menu
00:22:00 Only post designs you want to repeat
00:22:31 Beating Creep  (a la carte is not a full service wedding!)
00:23:11 Maximizing impact on a budget
00:24:17 Bailey's bucket bride story
00:25:18 Bulk buckets
00:26:31 Standard paperwork lookbook with photos, prices & sizes; order form; contract
00:27:14 Realistic budget vs. wish list
00:27:43 Advanced email scheduling
00:28:46 Season-specific example photos
00:30:05 Profitability = growing the right crops for your farm Download Jennifer's list of crops that work for Eastern River Farm in Maine, zone 5. Their coldest temps in spring can be well below zero (oftentimes in the teens, F) and highest temps can climb to the low 90s, occasionally, in June.
00:32:59 Identifying gaps in your crop plan
00:35:15 Lennie's new book Flower Farming for Profit
00:36:16 B-Side Farm background
00:36:40 Make profit a priority
00:37:21 Lennie's celebrity wedding story
00:39:42 B-Side Farm wedding business
00:40:38 Drivers of success
00:41:23 Inquiry forms
00:42:19 Red flags and boundaries
00:43:29 Inquiry form example
00:47:02 Template email
00:47:44 Using inclusive language Examples of inclusive language include grand bouquet (vs. bridal bouquet); attendant bouquet (vs bridesmaid's bouquet); and wedding couple (vs. bride and groom). 
00:51:39 Minimums 
00:52:18 Flower markup
00:52:40 Pricing 
00:53:05 Budgeting Download Lennie's free budget template
00:54:16 Buying flowers 
00:56:51 Proposal example Lennie uses Canva.com to create proposals
00:57:17 Buying flowers
00:57:59 What we've learned so far
00:59:51 Arrangement recipes
01:03:26 Planning labor and timing
01:04:08 You must have a cooler

Eastern River Farm has 2 coolers:

harvest cooler: 14x20

finished pieces cooler: 8x12

01:05:03 Standard arrangements
01:06:37 Why Eastern River Farm doesn't sell buckets of stems
01:08:05 Profitability: a la carte vs. full service weddings
01:09:59 Reclaiming your weekends through a la carte weddings A La Carte Weddings: A Look at Three Key Stressors by Scott and Jennifer Joray
01:11:03 Work-life balance 
01:11:48 Packing flowers 
01:12:20 Designing for transport
01:13:46 Boxes and packing materials 50lb. kraft paper
01:14:12 Max vehicle height
01:15:01 Pickup tips
01:17:36 Scott's pickup horror story
01:18:33 A La Carte Wedding definition 
01:19:22 Glassware  rental vs. purchase; sourcing; no one has time to wash returned glassware
01:21:51 Delivery logistics
01:23:26 Island-specific delivery logistics ferry vs. chartered boat
01:24:57 Delivery conditions
01:25:38 Flower delivery system Seminole Flower Delivery System (Florida) 
01:27:42 Question & Answer Session begins
01:28:21 Wedding Arbors a la carte
01:29:33 Arbor pricing and installation
01:32:40 Setting arbor expectations
01:34:07 Best foliage for arbors Forsythia and Lilac (post bloom, leafed out); Smilax; bush honeysuckle; conditioned Eucalyptus: foraged Bay; Oak.
01:40:06 Proposal revisions
01:40:50 How to turn down a client or event with integrity
01:42:29 How to create a proposal
01:46:30 Why a flower cooler isn't optional
01:47:50 Budgeting your own time
01:49:32 Find seasonal wholesale flowers in your area



01:50:27 Find design workshops
01:55:00 The only thing left to do is begin
01:58:12 Contact info 










01:58:24 Thank you and farewell