Skyler Veronica white, pink, and blue grown from Farmer Bailey starter plant plugs at ardelia farm
Common Name Veronica
Genus  Veronica
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  50
Plug Care
Transplant with 2 weeks of arrival, or bump up into a 50 or 72 cell tray.
Netting / Staking No
Temperature Range
-35 to 90
Spacing 9"
Soil Preference
Well drained, generally fertile soil.
Day Length Day Neutral
If the plant is not already branching, pinch once growth has resumed after transplant.
When to Plant
Spring or Fall. Quite adaptable.
Cut when the spike is 1/3 open. Harvest the entire plant, all the way to the ground to encourage rebloom.
Post Harvest Care
Holding solution in the cooler.
Diseases / Insects
Generally pest free.
Bailey's Notes
The Skyler series does not need a cold winter period, unlike other Veronica longifolia cultivars. It will flower the first year from planting. Cut to the ground, and it will generally send out an additional flush of flowers. Depending on location you may harvest 2-4 flushes of flowers per year. It is fully hardy. In its second and third years, you will see many more stems emerge as the plant spreads. You may need to replace them every 4 or 5 years if production declines.
Resources Danziger Veronica - Skyler™ Series Growing Guidelines

*Stay tuned for Bailey's in-depth guide*