Lisianthus in 288 Cell Tray

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One way to save money when ordering plugs is to order them in smaller sizes. Most of the cost of a tray of plugs is based on the time spent in the heated greenhouses at Gro 'n Sell. If you can fit more plants in a tray, why not do it?

The main reason to avoid small cells is that those little pugs are more delicate than their chunkier counterparts. They may not be ready to go directly into the ground and may need to be bumped up before transplant. If you are growing in a highly controlled environment such as a greenhouse or high tunnel you may be able to plant directly. The plugs are for seasoned, more advanced growers who understand the needs of small plants.

Small cells are more delicate so they need to be shipped on a pallet rather than in our usual box of 3 trays. 

We are offering a range of Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Stock, and Digitalis only for 2023 shipping with hopes of reducing your cost of production. To qualify for pallet shipping and for this program you will need to order at least 30 trays for the same ship date so that we can ship on a pallet rather than in boxes. This can be a combination of 288's, our regular 128 and 216 trays, and larger 18 and 32 cell perennials.

This program will not be listed on the website at this time. We will work with interested parties one on one, starting Oct. 5 to place these orders. If you want to place an order from the website for other products, by all means do that, and just let us know so we can merge those orders together to meet the 30 tray requirement. 

If you are interested in 288 sized plugs, please CONTACT US and we will be in touch to help tailor your order to your needs.

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About Tray Sizes

210 and 125 cell trays are full-sized trays, and three of these will fit in a shipping box.

50 cell trays are half-sized trays (unless otherwise noted) and two of these are the equivelent of one full sized tray. Six of these will fit in a shipping box.

18 and 32 cell trays are full sized trays specifically for our vernalized perennials. These have their own set of shipping rules (find details HERE) and cannot be combined with items grown in 210, 125, or 50 cell trays.