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Crushing on Caryopteris

Crushing on Caryopteris

Caryopteris Pagoda Lagoon grown by Blue Lobster Flower Farm


Caryopteris Pagoda is a late-blooming perennial featuring graduated clusters of flowers spaced along an herbaceous stem. The stems and foliage emit an aroma comparable to grapefruit or eucalyptus, especially when lightly bruised. As a cut flower and foliage, Caryopteris adds volume, scent and whimsy to fall bouquets. 

Meryl Gartside of Blue Lobster Flower Farm grew and photographed the Caryopteris Pagoda 'Lagoon,’ pictured above. Meryl reports that not only do the bees love Caryopteris Pagoda, but that it keeps its bright color when dried.  

Bailey and Thomas trialed this Caryopteris at Ardelia Farm in far northern Vermont in 2018, and fell in love. They were planted, pinched, and left to do their thing. They are a short day flower, blooming around the same time as Salvia leucantha and chrysanthemums, when a fresh crop is most appreciated. They are very long lasting as well. 

Give them at least a square foot of growing space if not a little more, and they will fill it up. This is a selection of Caryopteris incana which is generally considered hardy to zone 6. As with most Danziger products, extensive testing in four-season climates has not been performed, as they breed primarily for equatorial flower farms. I value your feedback regarding hardiness. 8-10 stems per plant can be expected. 

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