Saskatoon White Mums


Common Name Chrysanthemum, Mums, Chrysanths
Genus  Chrysanthemum 
Species C. morifolium
Life Cycle  Tender perennial, usually treated as an annual.
Tray Size  50 plugs (half tray)
Plug Care Harden off plugs on arrival and transplant or bump up immediately. Always transplant Mums into moist soil. 
Netting / Staking 2 layers of Hortonova netting
Temperature Range Plant when soil is above 55F and stays above 55F.  Mums love warmth! 
Spacing 6"x6" (one plant per square of Hortonova netting)
Soil Preference Mums require a plentiful amount of water and fertilizer. Constant liquid fertilization is recommended. 
Day Length Long days encourage vegetative growth and long stems; short days are required to initiate flowering.
Pinching Pinch approximately 3 weeks after planting, leaving 5-6 leaf nodes.
When to Plant Plant when nighttime temps are above 65F
Harvesting Fertilization should be reduced or eliminated during the final two to three weeks of the crop to improve postharvest life. Ideal to harvest when flower or spray is 50% open.  
Post Harvest Care Use a holding solution for keeping the water clean and providing sugars. Slow-release chlorine tablets like Chrysal CVBN work great. Strip foliage and don't let it get in the water. Vase life is 2-3 weeks if handled properly. 
Diseases / Insects Aphids, fungus gnats, leafminers, spider mites, thrips, powdery mildew, rusts, Botrytis. Scout often. 
Bailey's Notes See the Syngenta Flowers Cut Mums Culture Guide below for complete instructions. Please note: The mums we sell are patented plants, and propagation is illegal. 

Syngenta Flowers Cut Mum Culture Guide 

Watch the video Growing Mums for Cuts, with Bailey Hale and Alicain Carlson, Ph.D of Syngenta Flowers