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Helleborus Ice n' Roses Combo Sale
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Helleborus Ice n' Roses Combo Sale

Hellebores are a flower of pure imagination. This old-fashioned garden perennial is long-lived, deer resistant, shade-loving and magically appears when absolutely nothing else is blooming.  Hellebores have found new popularity as a cut flower as techniques in harvest and handling have been refined, which makes the stems incredibly long-lasting in the vase.  

Score six colors of benchmark Helleborus Ice N’ Roses series in one box in our current Helleborus Combo sale.  The Combo includes six plants each of six different colors, including Ice n' Roses Bennotta, Ice n' Roses Carlotta, Ice n' Roses Picotee, Ice n' Roses Red, Ice n' Roses Rose, and Ice n' Roses Rosetta. Each Combo is a complete order priced at $272 for 36 plants, each in a 4-inch pot. 

These ship Week 15 (April 8) through Week 18 (April 29) only, and are ready to be planted upon arrival or held in pots for a few weeks.  Learn more about how to transplant and care for your Hellebores in our Growing Guide. 

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1 comment on Helleborus Ice n' Roses Combo Sale

  • NONA
    NONAApril 18, 2024

    My hellebores I planted last year are all doing pheromonally well this year, I’m very pleased and excited to be picking up 36 additional plants in this combo. I have a hillside where they are planted along with tulips and daffodils and a number of native plants. The show is spectacular! Will send photos to Jen.
    Farmer Bailey Inc. replied:
    Hi Nona! Thanks so much for your order! I am so happy to hear that your Hellebores are thriving. We’d love to see them – if you want to send some photos along via our Photo Uploader we would be so pleased. Have a great day! ~felicia

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