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Help Vermont Farmers Recover from Flooding

Help Vermont Farmers Recover from Flooding


Support Vermont Farmers Impacted by Flooding


As you may have seen, Vermont has experienced historic, hundred-year flood levels this week. Montpelier residents canoed through the submerged streets of the state capital, as catastrophic flooding destroyed roadways across the entire state. 

Vermont farmers have been particularly badly impacted, as their fields and high tunnels are even now under water.  With a short, 90-day frost-free growing season, it is not possible for these farmers to replant; their season is a total loss. If your farm has been affected by this week's floods, report your damage here to apply for emergency funding

As we navigate climate catastrophe, it is up to us as a farming community to care for one another in times of crisis.  Today, Vermont farmers are facing tremendous loss and a long recovery. Tomorrow, it could be any one of us. 

Even if you only have $5 or $10 to give, every donation to the following vetted fundraisers will be tremendously helpful to affected Vermonters.  Please click on the links below to make a contribution, and share as widely as you can. 

 Vermont Farmers Emergency Fund 
Help June Farm Recover from Flooding Fund

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