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WATCH: Growing Winterberry Holly, Snowberry, and Hydrangea

WATCH: Growing Winterberry Holly, Snowberry, and Hydrangea

On Wednesday, December 13,  Farmer Bailey hosted Karl “Stick Man” Vahrmeyer Jr, expert grower of branches and cut flowers at Green Park Nurseries on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

Karl shared his insight into growing stellar Ilex verticillata (Winterberry Holly); Symphoricarpos (Snowberry); Philadelphus (Mock Orange) and Hydrangea paniculata in this Live chat with Q&A. 

Learn about why you don't have to worry about deer eating your Ilex verticillata, but maybe watch out for moose; how to identify the sales potential for different colors of berries in your local market; and how many stems to expect on your Symphoricarpos year after year. 

If you want perennial berry branches of your own, shop bare root Ilex verticillata, Symphoricarpos, Callicarpa and more at

Each and every episode of It's Five O'Clock Somewhere with Farmer Bailey is available to view anytime on our YouTube Channel. Like and Subscribe for notifications of new videos.

Need even more woody words of wisdom? Listen in as Karl Vahrmeyer Jr visits with host Scott Shepherd on The Flower Podcast talk everything branch-y, from pussy willows to ninebark. Follow Karl on Instagram at @Green_Park_Nurseries_Inc.

Video Chapters 

00:06 Mock Orange, Philadelphus
00:08 New Wood vs. Old Wood
00:10 Snowberry
00:14 Green Park Nurseries
00: 15 Snowberry Spacing and Stem Count
00:18 Winterberry Holly
00:21 Defoliating
00:22 Ilex Varieties
00:26 Symphoricarpos
00:29 Kolster Hydranga paniculata
00: 31 Pruning Hydrangea
00:33 Shading Hydrangea
00:36 Cotinus
00:38 Deer Pressure Ilex
00:41 Dioecious Pollination
00:43 Ilex heights
00:48 Ilex Weed Pressure
00:51 Woody Cut Stems for Growers and Florists book

1 comment on WATCH: Growing Winterberry Holly, Snowberry, and Hydrangea

  • Rachel
    RachelDecember 29, 2023

    Will there still be some restocks? Or did I miss them?

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