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Meet Ally, your Customer Service Specialist

Meet Ally, your Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service Specialist Ally holding a bunch of pink campanula next to a cart full of white hydrangea


Hi, I'm Ally and I'm the Customer Service Specialist at Farmer Bailey! I've been working for Bailey and Thomas in various capacities for nearly six years, beginning with growing flowers on their farm in northern Vermont. Over the past year and a half I've transitioned to working with our Farmer Bailey customers as well! 

Having been involved with the growing side of flower farming, I know operations run best when your team works together quickly and efficiently. At Farmer Bailey, we believe that team includes your suppliers! That's why I'm here to make the world of plugs as stress-free as possible. 

I'm available to support you when placing plug orders, editing existing orders, and updating your account with us. You may hear from me regarding pertinent information about your order, like a change in ship week or empty space in your box(es). I'm also happy to receive customer feedback and answer any growing questions you might have. Just drop me a line at

Want to edit your existing order? I can help! Once placed, customers can't edit their own orders, but I can. Send me an email with your corresponding 5 digit PO number and the change you'd like to make, and I'll get that squared away for you.

Want to update your email or shipping address? I'll make that edit in our system and communicate the change with the folks at Gro 'n Sell. 

Do you have feedback about the website or one of our products? I'm always happy to hear from you, and share your feedback with the Farmer Bailey team.  

Have a growing question about your plugs? I'd be thrilled to direct you to helpful blog posts, growing guides, and culture sheets, as well as share my own knowledge. And if I don't already have the answer, I'm in regular communication with Bailey, who will!

Forgot what week your order is shipping? No worries, farmers have a lot to remember! I can resend your order confirmation email which contains important info like your 5 digit PO number as well as your ship week and what products you ordered. 

Whatever your question might be, I'll work with you to find the answer. I look forward to getting to know each of you. Drop me a line anytime at, and let’s grow together. 

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