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    New Gypsophila Growing Guide

    Gypsophila Million Stars by Danziger


    Gypsophila Million Stars® II is just one example of a former garden-variety revolutionized by Danziger Flowers of Israel. Whether standing alone in cloudlike forms or supporting focal flowers, these superior Gypsophila strains will leave you starry-eyed. 

    Danziger is the world's leading breeder in Gypsophila, and has produced all of the major commercial strains now on the market, and we are happy to offer a few of their varieties for a limited time.

    Most of Danziger's breeding is focused on equatorial climates where frost is uncommon, however Gypsophila paniculata is hardy in zones 3-8 and that seems to hold true even on these varieties. We have had 100% of our established plants overwinter on our farm in Vermont. 

    MILLION STARS® II is the newest generation of this florists staple. Smaller flowers are borne in great abundance. Stems are stronger, thicker, longer and more erect than classic Million Stars. 

    MY PINK® (pictured below) is the only pink baby's breath on the market, and might be accepted by a wider audience due to its novel coloration. We have enjoyed them here on our farm, and they should be grown more widely. 

    ANDROMEDA™ is very vigorous and produces big wide stems of large flowers, and is durable in the field 

    CASSIOPEIA™ is fast growing and very productive with a medium sized flower. 

    WHITE VICTORIA™ has medium to large sized flowers and is more heat tolerant than other varieties.

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    Gypsophila Growing Guide and Danziger Cultivation Guide 
    Gypsophia My Pink

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