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32 cell Perennials

32 cell Perennials

We are thrilled to offer a whole new line of larger perennial plants from our friends at Gro 'n Sell. Here are some things to know about this line of products.

Most are grown in a 32 cell tray (known commercially as a Root Tutor). These are large and deep plugs with big root systems, ready to jump into action as soon as they are planted. 

Our Hellebores and Alstroemeria are grown in a tray of 18, 4" pots (known commercially as an 1801 tray) and have an even larger root system than our 32's.

32 cell root tutor perennial plug from Gro 'n Sell Farmer Bailey plugs
1801 cell pot tray from Gro 'n Sell Farmer Bailey Plugs Hellebore Helleborus


Vernalization and Dormancy

Our spring shipped plants were started in summer and then held in a cold, but protected, facility over winter where they slowly increased their root mass. Many perennials and biennials require a cold vernalization period to initiate flowering the following year. These plants will essentially save you a year of growth time, getting them into production faster. Since they will just be coming out of dormancy on arrival, they will very likely look dead or yellowed. Never fear, these plants are dormant or just breaking dormancy exactly like your other perennials.

Fall Shipped Perennials

Perennials shipping in the fall will have also been produced during the summer months, and then shipped to you actively growing. These will not have the dormant appearance of our spring shipped plants because they have not yet gone through their first dormancy. They will do that this winter, on your farm.


These trays are much heavier than our standard plug trays and they have their own shipping rules. They ship in units of 2 trays at a time. You can mix and match varieties, but order in pairs of trays for the best shipping rate. If you order 1 tray you will pay the same shipping charge as if you order 2 trays, so by all means maximize that shipping charge. See below for shipping rates.

Orders for plugs and for vernalized perennial must be placed separately

We hope you enjoy these new selections and are always open to suggestions if there are other perennials on your wishlist. Happy Growing!

Price per box

(each box contains 2 trays) 



Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia


Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin


Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming
$70 Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington



8 comments on 32 cell Perennials

  • Christine Hartinger
    Christine HartingerMay 14, 2024

    do you ship to Canada
    Farmer Bailey Inc. replied:
    Hi Christine, thanks for your message. We do not currently ship to Canada, but are actively working on a way to serve Canadian farmers! If you’d like to be notified if and when shipping to Canada goes live, please send your name, email address, and closest international airport to Thanks so much! ~felicia

  • Lisa

    I understand that 2 trays are recommended for maximizing shipping and the 2 trays do not need to be the same, but can you order a variety of different perennials within each tray? If so, is there an extra charge for that?

  • FBF

    Hello! When do you normally have available/ship Geum? Trying to plan out the year and leave a reminder for myself. Thank you.

  • Forgotten in DC
    Forgotten in DCJuly 05, 2023

    Hallo Farmer Bailey!

    You seem to have neglected the nations capitol, the District of Columbia from your shipping list! While small, we do, in fact, exist. LOL!

    Happy Fourth of July!


  • Katie Smaglinski
    Katie SmaglinskiJune 15, 2023

    Will you be adding any additional trays for fall planting this season?

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