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New Viola & Pansy Growing Guide
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New Viola & Pansy Growing Guide


These new Italian cutting pansies (also called violas) are getting rave reviews! In the photos above and below, Shanti Rade of Whipstone Farm shows off stems of antique shades, grown in a high tunnel in the Arizona highlands. 

For best results, plant pansies close together, and offer a bit of shade. Removing flowers when young will encourage the plant to keep growing upwards, increasing stem length. Pansies genetically can't get super tall, but these can grow to a respectable height, tall enough for use in low design work.

Pansies last very well when cut, it is simply the height that may take some skill to achieve.

Pansies and violas are cold hardy and can be planted in the fall under a tunnel in many zones. Overwintered plants will be larger and more robust come spring, when the growth will explode with the warming temperatures. If planting without cover in zone 6 or colder, plant in early spring about a month before your last outdoor frost date. They can handle frost and dips into freezing temperatures while young.

Secure your custom-grown plugs on July 1, 2024, when ordering for fall shipping begins. Ordering for spring 2025-shipped plugs begins on October 1, 2024.

Violas/Pansies are offered in 125-cell plug trays, in your choice of one of three color mixes: Apassionato, Italiana, and Bellezza. See all three mixes on the Viola/Pansy product page.

Take a peek at our new Viola and Pansy Growing Guide for complete cultural information on this charming and timeless flower. 

All photos courtesy of Shanti Rade, Whipstone Farm

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