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November 15 Lisianthus Restock

November 15 Lisianthus Restock

Lisianthus Celeb 2 Honey Pink against a barn door
We are delighted to announce the restock of Lisianthus varieties Arosa, Celeb, Chateau, Corelli, Croma, Espirit, Grace, Little Summer, Megalo and Roseanne in the most-wanted shades! These trays are now on sale for 2023 ship dates.

Pictured, Lisianthus 'Celeb 2 Honey Pink'.

Stay tuned for more restocks the next few weeks. We expect to have additional Eucalyptus available later this month, and will soon be posting our 2023 Chrysanthemum program. Look for smaller restocks of other crops to be announced on the Farmer Bailey Instagram. 

1 comment on November 15 Lisianthus Restock

  • Sandy Groves
    Sandy GrovesJanuary 15, 2023

    How can I purchase a tray of Lisianthus plugs?

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