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Perennials for Spring Planting

Perennials for Spring Planting

Fill out your field with our large, vernalized perennials, many of which arrive ready to bloom their heads off for you! Overwintered perennials ship between Week 13 (March 27) through Week 16 (April 16). The minimum order is just two trays, which may be mixed and matched with any other in-stock perennials in the collection. Learn more about our perennial ordering and shipping here.  As always, we welcome your questions via comment below, or at 

Vernalized Perennials

Shipping Week 13 (March 27) through Week 16 (April 16) 
Alstroemeria Summer Saint


Alstroemeria 'Summer' series are hardy at least to zone 7b (and possibly as cold as 5b–trial at your own risk!), aren't bothered by summer heat, and they're tall enough to cut! As they mature they will reach 3' in height. They also keep blooming all summer long as long as you keep cutting them. They do require regular water and good drainage.

Aquilegia Kirigami plugs for cut flower farmers


Perhaps you live in a hot summer climate and haven't had luck getting your Columbine established. Well, here's your chance to grow some Aquilegia that will flower quickly after you get them in the ground. I recommend the earliest shipping date possible so they will be shipped fully dormant and ready to establish in your soil. Northern growers can expect Columbine to establish as a true perennial. They are surprisingly good cut flowers.

Baptisia alba plugs for cut flower farmers

Baptisia alba

Baptisia alba is very, very hardy and once established you can really cut on it as hard as you want. The flowers are a spring treat, but I almost prefer it for it's blue/grey foliage and funky seed pods. Give Baptisia plenty of space and be patient. It can take two to four years to really get going, but it's worth the wait!

Digitalis Apricot Beauty plugs for cut flower farmers


When planted in the fall these Digitalis (foxgloves) behave like any biennial. They will establish their roots over winter, and then flower the following spring or summer. When planted in early spring, these first year flowering (FYF) will usually flower the same year. If planted after the soil has warmed, they will generally wait until the following year to flower. So plant them out a few weeks before your last spring frost if you want to see flowers in the same year. 

Echinacea Double Scoop Mandarin


Some Echinacea are grown from seed, and some are vegetatively propagated using high tech tissue culture techniques. The seed strains have improved in recent years, but they still can't touch the unique double shapes and colors of their fancy tissue cultured counterparts. Looking for other unusual Echinaceas? Leave us a comment with the varieties you are most interested in. 

Helleborus Gold Collection perennials for cut flower farmers

Helleborus Gold Collection

The Helleborus Gold Collection are the finest group of Hellebores on the market today. They have been unavailable to us in the US until now. These vigorous plants quickly form large productive clumps in just one or two years. You will have stems to cut in 2024.  Ice 'n Roses Benotta, Brunello, and Red are in stock. 

They flower quickly. Your plants may have flowers when they are shipped, otherwise you will get 4-5 stems in 2024, and up to 15 stems in 2025 and each year after. They will likely pay for themselves in your first harvest. Helleborus Gold Collection are tall, capable of reaching 2 feet in height. Space at least 18" apart. 

The flowers face upwards or outwards, making them far more useful to designers. They hold their color better than other seed grown strains, meaning they will still be in color when they are ready to cut (when the stamens start to shed).

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