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Godetia Growing Guide
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Godetia Growing Guide


Godetia Grace 'Shell Pink' plugs were destined to thrive in the care of our customer Fields of Grace Flower Farm! Despite their papery delicate appearance, Godetia Grace are long lasting and highly productive.

Also known by the common names Clarkia, Satin Flower, and Farewell to Spring, this hardy annual performs best during long, cool springs, and will shut down in extreme heat. 

In hot zones, plant Godetia in the fall and overwinter in a tunnel (or outside, if the temperature rarely drops below freezing.) In cold areas, plant in early spring, a month or so before your last outdoor frost.  In the plug stage Godetia can handle temperatures down to 32F for short periods, but should be protected from heavy frosts. 

Our Godetia Growing Guide is packed with cultural tips and best practices on growing, caring for, and harvesting the stunning satin flower.

Shop Godetia plugs for fall planting on July 1, or on October 1 with all spring-2025 shipped plugs. 

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