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    Meet Matilda
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    Meet Matilda

    Ptilotus Matilda image courtesy of Benary

    Have you met Matilda? 

    Ptilotus is a heat loving, drought tolerant plant native to Australia. Dwarf strains have been around for years, but 'Matilda' is a new tall strain suitable for cutting! They can reach nearly 3 feet tall when happy. They are being produced commercially in some parts of the world, and we are excited to bring them to American growers. These have been trialed in high tunnels, and can be grown in the field as well. 

    Give this plant a warm start, and never chill it. It would be best to order these plugs to arrive after your last frost. You can bump them up into a larger tray while you wait for your nighttime temperatures to get above 55 (plant them out when you transplant zinnias and celosia). That's when Ptilotus will thrive.  

    Best grown in sandy, or well drained soils. Ptilotus will require very little watering once established only requiring irrigation in times of extended drought.  This 'Matilda' culture sheet from seed breeder Benary has every technical specification you need to succeed with this prolific plant. 

    Shop Ptilotus 'Matilda' for 2023 shipping dates. 

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