Tray Size: 125
Variety: Hello Yellow

Asclepias tuberosa is one of several native milkweeds we have in North America. Beloved by butterflies and other pollinators, this milkweed also makes a great cut flower. It has little to no milky sap. Harvest into warm water and then allow to hydrate in cooler for at least 12 hours. Cut when the majority of blooms are open as they don't open much after cutting.

A. tuberosa is slow to emerge in springtime, so remember where you planted it, and give it time!

'Hello Yellow' is simply the yellow version of the native orange A. tuberosa. 

Grown in a 128 tray, billed as 125.

Order 10 weeks or more in advance of desired ship date.

Hardy zones 3-9. Grows 18-36" in height.

About Tray Sizes

210 and 125 cell trays are full-sized trays, and three of these will fit in a shipping box.

50 cell trays are half-sized trays (unless otherwise noted) and two of these are the equivelent of one full sized tray. Six of these will fit in a shipping box.

18 and 32 cell trays are full sized trays specifically for our vernalized perennials. These have their own set of shipping rules (find details HERE) and cannot be combined with items grown in 210, 125, or 50 cell trays.