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WATCH: Growing Scoop Scabiosa, Veronica, Gypsophila & More

WATCH: Growing Scoop Scabiosa, Veronica, Gypsophila & More


Scoop Scabiosa, Focal Scoop and Bon Bon Scoop bred by Danziger of Israel have revolutionized the use of Scabiosa as a cut flower. These vegetatively propagated, patented varieties bloom on long, elegant stems topped with lavish heads that evoke ice cream scoops in a fantasy sweet shop.

Farmer Bailey introduced small and medium-sized US growers to Danziger's extraordinary Scoop Scabiosa series in 2016, providing an opportunity for smaller flower farmers to access superior genetics that had previously only been available to the largest growers.

Farmers, florists, customers and even honeybees are buzzing about Scoops. The only complaint we hear from our farmer customers is that Scoop Scabiosa plants are almost too productive to keep up with, requiring daily harvesting. A well-grown plant can yield 20-30 stems.

"My focal Scabiosa is taller than me!! The flower heads are huge. Why would anybody grow it from seed after this? A serious question. Worlds apart from the scrawny little things I used to grow! I was nervous to take the $$$ plunge but glad I did. Now to keep up with the harvest! They are on the daily harvest list! I don’t know how long we can hold out before they take us over. I’m not a big Scabiosa person just for this reason, but I wanted a big head like I see in all the “seed” catalogs just once!" ~ Mimo Loves Flowers


In this video, Farmer Bailey shares cultural tips on growing Danziger's Scoop Scabiosa; Focal Scoop; Hoop Scoop; Veronica Skyler; Hypericum Globo; Caryopteris Pagoda; Gypsophia XLence, Million and MyPink series; and Solidago Glory from plugs. 

Bailey also discusses why flower farmers should consider Gibberellic acid. Gibberellic acids are organic, naturally occurring plant hormones that can stimulate germination, increase stem length, and initiate flowering in many cut flower crops. Many Danziger crops, like Gypsophila, benefit from application of Gibberellic acid. 

See Bailey's Growing Guides for more cultural information, and stay tuned for more Growing Guides to come! 


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